How much EXPERIENCE do you have?

I average around 200+ gigs a year, spinning several nights a week all over Metro Detroit. These events vary from nightclubs, private events, corporate parties and a great amount of weddings during the summer and fall season. 

Unlike most club and radio deejays, I embrace every opportunity I get when asked to deejay a wedding. Over the last 15 years I’ve played at over 300 successful wedding receptions and over 3000 club events.


I’ve also had Radio and On Air experience on Detroit’s Hit Music Station CHANNEL 955. I’ve served with "The Bomb Squad" (mix show dj's) for about 3 years. I learned a great amount of knowledge and programing skills while serving with the Squad, but decided to leave later on due to other responsibilities  and commitments. After leaving my position on good terms as a Bomb Squad member, I still frequently spin as a guest mixer on the radio during the holidays and mix shows at WKQI Channel 955. 


I’m also available for music production, song writing and music arrangement, mixtape hosting and dj drops, remixing tracks and mash ups, mixing and mastering, photography, videography as well as commercial production and editing. 

I currently use Logic Pro and Pro Tools as a platform to record and edit projects in the studio.

Whether I’m playing at a private event, working in the studio, spinning at a club, deejaying on the radio, or performing on stage, its definite that my creativity, smooth mixing skills,  and love for great music flows and shows through my compositions and performance.

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