Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would you meet us in person before we decide to book? 
Yes! We offer a free consultation with no obligation or pressure to book your event.


2. Do you provide a contract or written agreement? 
Absolutely! We’ll provide you with a contract agreement, with all the terms clearly defined to avoid any unwanted surprises or problems. 

3. Do you get the DJ you interviewed? 
Yes! When you call or email for an appointment, you'll be talking and working directly with me (Joey Arcilla - your DJ/MC). During our meeting, I’ll ask you some questions in regards to pre-planning your event to get a good detailed understanding of what you want and don’t want at your reception. 

Five to Six weeks prior to your event date, I’ll go over your itinerary and bridal list with you to make sure that everything is according to the way you want it. That way, it would be one less thing you'd have to worry about. 

4. How far in advance should we book? 
The sooner the better. Most of our popular dates are booked at least 10 months to a year and a half in advance. We suggest for our clients to place their deposit early to lock their specific event date. 

Please note that your date is only booked once we receive your deposit and signed contract. I'm a single owner and operator, my calendar event dates are my inventory.

5. How much experience do you have? 
Over 16 years as a professional DJ/MC and counting! 

6. What kind of equipment do you use? 
We only use state of the art DJ equipment, built to go on the road each and everyday. Our industry standard sound system and lighting equipment are from well respected and trusted manufacturers that offer excellent sound audio and great visual lighting effects. And guess what? I check my gear and equipment every week to make sure they do their job so that I can excell at your event!

7. Do you have  back up equipment or DJ in case of an emergency? 
Yes, we have both! Even though I've never had an equipment breakdown, illness, or personal emergency problem at my events, I always feel its better to have a back up plan and not need it, than to need it and not have it. 

8. Is set up time or breakdown included in your price?
You'll never get charged for set up or breakdown time. We usually arrive 90 minutes early prior to the scheduled time of your event. After the set up is complete, we then do a sound and light check, change to a formal attire of your choice, and have everything up and running with background music playing before your first guest arrives. We'll then be coordinating with the hall manager, photographer and videographer about the final itinerary we talked about to make sure nothing is missed, and that everything would run smoothly according to your expectations. 

9. What kind of music selection do you have? 
Our extensive music library is constantly growing, and currently includes over 70,000 titles from Oldies, to Disco, Motown, Classic Rock, 80's & 90’s music, dance, Techno, Freestyle, Hip-Hop, the latest Top 40 hits, and timeless party novelty songs. But the honest truth is, it's not about the size of our library that counts, it's knowing how to program and play songs at the right time that makes my events a success!

10. What if you don’t have a song that we want to hear? 
We'll be glad to pick up that specific song for you if you let us know ahead of time (at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance) with no additional charge within reason.

11. Would you play the same way at a wedding reception as you would at a night club? 
The nightclub format is a little bit different from the way I play and how I DJ at a wedding reception. I’m usually more laid back at a wedding event and gradually build up my interaction with the guests as the night progresses (depending on how my clients wants me to approach their reception). 

My over all objective is to keep people dancing and entertained whether I'm at a night club or a wedding reception. At a night club format, most of the attention is on me as the DJ, while a wedding format that I present focuses more and high lights the celebration of the newly weds and not so much on me as an entertainer. 

Also, please note that all of the music that we play at a wedding reception is edited with no explicit lyrics. 

12. Will you take request and listen to my music suggestions? 
Yes! We’re very flexible when it comes to request. In the past years, I’ve learned from experience and from other DJ’s that the best way to keep your dance floor packed is by playing what the people want! Other elements such as timing, mixing the right order of styles and songs, and crowd interaction also plays a great factor. 

We suggest to our clients to make a short list of "must play" songs and a short list of "play if possible" songs. This will leave plenty of room for request from your guest and DJ selections. 

13. Can I have a do not play list? 
Yes! We understand that you don’t want to hear certain songs due to personal reasons or perhaps you just hate that song! Either way, we recommend that you provide us with a "DO NOT PLAY" list of songs or type of music that you don't want to hear. Rest assure that if a guest request a title that is on your "DO NOT PLAY" list, it will not be played. After all, this is your event and we'll customize it the way you want it! 

14. Will you play the music at an appropriate level? 
Yes! One of the biggest concerns voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of music. Rest assure that we’ll keep the level appropriate for your guest specially during cocktails and dinner hour. 

15. What's the deposit and when is the final payment due? 
We require a $400 NON-REFUNDABLE online deposit, cash in person, check or money order  retainer to book your date. The remaining balance can be paid off anytime before the date of your event., or is due at our final meeting. If you choose to pay on your reception date, cash is the only method of payment accepted, and is due at the start before we set up our equipment. This way, we wont be interrupting you at the end of the night to settle the balance, when you’re hugging and saying your good-byes to your friends and family. Our suggestion is to mail your final payment along with all the necessary paper work 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event date. This way you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your special day with no hassles or worries! 

16. Do you require a tip at the end of your service?
Gratuity is very much appreciated for a job well done, but is definitely not mandatory. 

17. How much does your service cost? 
Some people view DJ's as a commodity and choose the cheapest one they can find, often they don't realize that there are differences to look for in an entertainer. There have been numerous horrible stories of DJ companies that lure in customers with low prices, only to provide an inexperienced disc jockey with poor people skills, an inferior music library, bad equipment, and they're either late or don't show at all. 

Our rates are competitively based according to the cost of doing business and the value we place in our products. Experience and great quality are the most important factors we provide in our service. We strive for excellence and to bring you a memorable event on your special day. 

When you book our services you are not only paying for an awesome DJ Entertainment Package, but you are also paying for a peace of mind! 

-DJ Joey A

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